From tales about the stork, to the ‘birds and the bees’, we have long used story-telling as a way to inform children about families, and ‘where babies come from’.

In the last forty years we have progressed from the first IVF babies, to the current discussion of creating artificial gametes from stem cells or somatic cells. This presents the potential for ‘sperm’ or ‘eggs’ to be created from anyone-regardless of gender, age or sexuality.

Within the content of this rapid acceleration and diversification in ART (Artificial Reproductive Technologies)-how will the stories we tell children evolve? Moreover, will the techniques themselves have the potential to fundamentally change the way we perceive parenthood and reproduction?

Reproductive Futures investigates scientific and technological developments in ART and creates new narratives to explain how babies are made.

V&A Sat 21–22 September 2013

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Zoe Papadopoulou